What is CRICUT + Why should you get a Cricut machine ? machines help you design and create personalized designs, from stickers to cards and t-shirts. Basically, it’s a cutting machine that you can use for crafts & DIY projects.

What makes Cricut so cool to have

  • Cricut can cut hundreds of materials, from paper, cardstock and vinyl, to wood & leather. These last two materials can be cut with only a specific machine, the rest are universally available to cut on).
  • You can do the design yourself in the Cricut machine software, before printing, especially if they are simple words you need to print, like labels.
  • Cricut works with a free software called Cricut Design Space (that’s the place where you insert / do the designs you are about to print and cut). It works on both Laptops and Mobile.
  • Everything is in the Cloud, so you can design things from anywhere, and then just print when you get home. It connects via Bluetooth, and some machines can also connect through USB cable.
  • One of Cricut’s benefits is that it cuts much faster than if you were doing it by hand, so if you work with a lot of paper (or other materials), this machine does it faster and more accurately.

How to use Cricut machines?

We now know what is Cricut and what its main features are. The next logical question is “how to use a cricut machine”. I won’t go into a lot of details, but in short, here the 3 main steps for

  • Figure out the designs. You can search images / designs or create one from scratch, according to the project you have in mind.
  • Prepare the machine for printing. This means setting up the sticky mat with the material on top, and making sure the tools are set correctly and everything is working. Push print. The software then sends the machine the design to cut / draw
  • You put everything together. According to your project, you will probably need to assemble the final project. For example, for labels, you will have to crop the letters, then stick them to the product. (See this video for referencing)

Create your profile in the Cricut Community

  • For Profiling in the Cricut Community, go to .
  • Enter your Cricut ID and password, then click Sign In .
  • Click the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the home page.
  • Click the View Profile link .
  • Click on the Profile page of Edit Profile to add an avatar photo and information about yourself that you would like to share with other Cricut members.
  • Click on change profile photo to begin photos Avatar uploading yours.
  • Click Upload Picture to find the photo you want on your computer. Once you've selected the photo, use the slider to adjust the size and position of your photo as needed.
  • Click Done to return to the profile page.
  • If necessary, add any information you'd like to share with Cricut members in the About Me section . Click Save to save these changes to your profile.
  • When you share projects with the Cricut Community, those projects will appear on your profile. The projects that are visible on this page are visible to other users in Design Space. If you haven't shared any projects with the Cricut Community, five empty project fields will appear on your profile page.
  • Return to your profile page at any time to make changes or see which projects are visible to others.

What can you make with a Cricut

  • Personalized t-shirts
  • Vinyl label stickers for pantry items or other organization areas
  • Welcome sign for parties
  • Custom wooden sign for your home
  • Paper flowers
  • Sewing projects

What kind of Cricut machine should you buy?

There are 3 types of machines on the market that I know of:

  • Cricut Joy – it’s the smallest machine and cheapest Cricut machine out there; it can be used for small 5 inch projects, like long banners.
  • Cricut Explore – most popular machine, it cuts over 100 materials.
  • Cricut Maker – the most expensive and it cuts over 300 materials, including heavier materials like fabric and leather.